Middle-Eastern rhythms with Nordic jazz influences.

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MA Rouf – sufi jazz fusion

MA Rouf is a quartet playing Middle-Eastern rhythms with Scandinavian jazz influences.

MA Rouf’s musicians are highly regarded in Finnish jazz and have experience from a full spectrum of musical traditions. They are composer, tar player and vocalist Marouf Majidi, saxophonist Jouni Järvelä, bassist Jukka Haavisto and percussionist/drummer Tomi Saikkonen.

MA Rouf’s creator is the Finnish-Iranian master musician Marouf Majidi. He comes from Sanandaj, the musical capital of Kordestan, and his rich Middle Eastern heritage gives the unique and enchanting sound for their music. The roots of MA Rouf’s music are in this Middle Eastern tradition fertilised with Afro-centric and Scandinavian jazz influences.

The lyrics talk about change. They tell a story of how beautiful we perceive the future to be, the thoughts and doubts we have while traveling towards something new, and the awareness of the reality being something other than we hoped for. They explore the expectations we have about things we know nothing about.

“Over ten years of musical life in my new homeland, Finland, has been a source of further inspiration and musical materials. Many of my songs talk about change and an undefined future.”

Majidi describes composing the album, which is clear as the songs travel from Kurdish scenes to Arabic and Scandinavian atmospheres.

‘The People’ -album

With ‘The People’ it has been possible to musically unite seemingly unconnected languages and traditions and succeed in further enriching each other. The result is a unique amalgamation of compositions and instrumentation. Hear it in their debut album ‘The People’!


Flame Jazz Cruise, 25.1.2020
Kalevan Navetta, Seinäjoki, 12.3.2020
Haapavesi Folk Festival, 25.-27.6.2020


Musiken på The people skiftar ofta form, den är temperamentsfull, vacker och stämningsladdad, och kvartetten bjuder på nio låtar riktigt spännande jazz. Mycket lyssningsvärt!

Rasmus Klockljung (Lira Musikmagasin, 12.9.2019)

The music itself breathes calmly and is very free, being based more on musical discussion between the performers than on strict composition. The disc begins and ends in jazzy colours, but personally I particularly like the adventures in between, spiced with a certain modal and rhythmic curiosity.

Tove Djupsjöbacka (Finnish Music Quarterly, 6.9.2019)

Länsi-iraninlainen fakiiritanssi taittui moderniksi jazziksi kuin luonnostaan: Järvelän bassoklarinetti kävi vuoropuhelua Majidin luutun kanssa ja sitten mentiin: rytmi kiihtyi kiihtymistään ja vauhdissa klarinetti vaihtui entistä pienempään.

Katri Kallionpää (Helsingin Sanomien Nyt-liite, 5.8.2019)

Polished production and performances provide a rich sonority and clarity for the particularly enjoyable instrumentation and arrangements on many tracks, including the album highlight, ‘Dancing Fakir’, which broods and builds with a pulsing bass clarinet under intertwining tanbur and sax melodies.

Douglas MacGregor (Songlines 07/2019)


MA Rouf live at WOMEX, Tampere-Hall (27.10.2019)


MA Rouf –
Gallop / معروف

MA Rouf – Dancing fakir / رقص درویش – معروف

MA Rouf – Blues for Soran / معروف بلوز برای سوران

MA Rouf live at Vuotalo, Helsinki / معروف

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