About MA Rouf

MA Rouf – world-jazz with a twist

MA Rouf is a jazz quartet playing Middle-Eastern rhythms with Scandinavian jazz influences.

MA Rouf’s musicians are highly regarded in Finnish jazz and have experience from a full spectrum of musical traditions. They are composer, tar player and vocalist Marouf Majidi (BaranBand, Gilgamesh), saxophonist Jouni Järvelä (UMO Jazz Orchestra, Jouni Järvelä Group), bassist Jukka Haavisto (Bossapoika, Helsinki Headnod Convention) and percussionist/drummer  Tomi Saikkonen (Kadi Quartet).

MA Rouf’s creator is the Finnish-Iranian master musician Marouf Majidi. He comes from Sanandaj, the musical capital of Kordestan, and his rich Middle Eastern heritage gives the unique and enchanting sound for their music. The roots of MA Rouf’s music are in this Middle Eastern tradition fertilised with Afro-centric and Scandinavian jazz influences.

MA Rouf is performing in WOMEX shocase Saturday 26 Oct 2019.
MA Rouf is selected as a showcase artist in WOMEX 19!

The lyrics talk about change. They tell a story of how beautiful we perceive the future to be, the thoughts and doubts we have while traveling towards something new, and the awareness of the reality being something other than we hoped for. They explore the expectations we have about things we know nothing about.

“Over ten years of musical life in my new homeland, Finland, has been a source of further inspiration and musical materials. Many of my songs talk about change and an undefined future.”

Majidi describes composing the album, which is clear as the songs travel from Kurdish scenes to Arabic and Scandinavian atmospheres.

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